Black Mare/Syndrome Split LP

Exclusive vinyl only release via Consouling Sounds featuring 2 new trance inducing Black Mare songs, plus a lush and haunting soundscape from Syndrome (Mathieu Vandekerckhove of Amenra, Kingdom, Sembler Deah).  Artwork by Sera Timms and Mathieu Vandekerckhove. Limited to 300 copies.

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Black Mare is the solo project of Sera Timms, vocalist and bassist for Ides Of Gemini and formerly of the recently disbanded Black Math Horseman. With a focus on rhythmic repetition and atmospheric simplicity, Black Mare steps outside the collaborative dynamic to reveal a creative process that is all Sera’s own. Her songs traverse hidden realms, fragments of dreams, submerged memories and mythical imagery. Where Black Math Horseman and Ides Of Gemini demand volume and collusion, Black Mare requires only quiet contemplation. If Black Math Horseman and Ides Of Gemini seek to summon the deafening roar of inevitability, Black Mare delivers its verdicts in solemn whispers. And yet each operates, in its own way, within the darkened spheres of hypnosis.

Black Mare Latest News

2015-05-14 00:24:30
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Atriarch Complex

First show in a LONG time happening tomorrow 5.14.15 at ComplexLA with the mighty Atriarch.
We’ve got some new stuff for you…see you there Angelenos.

2015 / 05 / 14
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2015-04-20 18:57:47
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Directed by Timms, the haunting visual journey that comprises “Low Crimes,” is currently playing at Noisey who issues of the track, “…the slow-burn heroin blues of the track is made even more ethereal with Timms’s vocal, who shifts the song down an even darkly enchanting path. ‘Low Crimes’ is witchy, unique, and ultimately gorgeous stuff, and the video is similarly enthralling.”
Watch HERE

2015 / 04 / 20
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Black Mare / Lycia split 7″ Now available!

Released April 18th, 2015 (Records Store Day) and is available for preorder on limited edition black wax and grey swirl at THIS LOCATION.
Digital lovers can order the split via Magic Bullet’s BandCamp page HERE or
iTunes HERE.

2015 / 04 / 20
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Black Mare guest vocals

Sera contributed guest vocals to B.C. Meyer’s (Palms, ISIS, Red Sparowes) latest electronic project PRESSION

Check out Silenzio here:

2014 / 10 / 11
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New Black Mare Song

New Black Mare song “Iseult” released on Pale Noir’s Waves in Compendium Compilation.
This is our first recording as a whole band…check it out:

2014 / 08 / 13
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